Whether you’re in a relationship or not, we all need to practise a little bit more self-love. You owe it to yourself to take a breath, slow down and treat yourself. Girl, whatever you’re relational status on Facebook, you do not need someone else, or someone’s permission to feel loved or feel valued.

You should be treating yourself life the Princess you are, every single day.

I wholeheartedly believe you should make time regularly to really give yourself a break, and show yourself some love, and self-care, And as Valentines day around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to share 50 ideas you can practise self-care and love yourself this Valentines day.

  1. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers

  2. Write a gratitude list

  3. Take a long relaxing bubble bath, with candles and music

  4. Plan a once in a lifetime trip

  5. Read a book

  6. Make a vision board to focus your mind on what fires you up!

  7. Call a friend to catch up

  8. Have a Netflix marathon

  9. Learn something new - I love SkillShare for great in depth courses on just about anything you can think of!

  10. Take a nap/get an early night - love this one!

  11. Cook your favourite nutritious meal

  12. Take yourself to the cinema

  13. Buy those shoes you’ve been lusting after

  14. Have your hair done

  15. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch - smells so good!

  16. Start a blog

  17. Dance around your house, like nobody’s watching

  18. Book yourself a cheeky day at a spa

  19. Start a journal to document your thoughts and feelings

  20. Treat yourself to a manicure

  21. Go people watching

  22. Take a yoga class

  23. Listen to an inspiring podcast, here are a few of my favourites

  24. Get a massage

  25. Go to the gym

  26. Take yourself out for coffee

  27. Lose yourself on Pinterest planning your dream home decor

  28. Meditate - I love the Headspace app for this

  29. Go for a nice long walk

  30. Have your hair blown out

  31. Write yourself a letter that you can open later in life when you need some encouragement

  32. Do a few laps at the local swimming pool

  33. Put fresh sheets on your bed

  34. Listen to an audio book

  35. Take a long drive somewhere you’ve never been before

  36. What every episode of Friends on Netflix

  37. Declutter a room in your house

  38. Look back through your old photo albums and remember your favourite moments

  39. Make some cupcakes - and send me one too

  40. Get creative and start an Etsy shop

  41. Paint a picture or do some drawing

  42. Watch your favourite movies back-to-back

  43. Write snail mail letters to send to all your closest friends

  44. Write a list of all the things you love about yourself

  45. Go visit a museum

  46. Rearrange your bedroom furniture

  47. Do some gardening - planting some of your favourite flowers

  48. Write out some goals you’d like to achieve over the next few months

  49. Give yourself a facial

  50. Go browsing in a bookshop

What are you plans this Valentines days?