It’s no secret, I love Pinterest. It’s an incredible tool to boost website traffic, grow your audience and get your content seen. But if you’re doing all the things and not seeing the results you want, it can be pretty frustrating.

If you’re not seeing the Pinterest Marketing results you were hoping for with, keep reading…

Why your Pinterest Marketing isn’t working

You’re treating it like social media

Getting seen on Pinterest is like trying to get on to the front page of Google, opposed to getting 10k likes on Instagram. Pinterest is a search engine platform, which means it uses an algorithm to sort and rank the content on it’s platform. And like getting on the front page of Google, you need to pay attention to SEO (search engine optimisation).


If you want to get your pins seen on Pinterest, you need to be pinning consistently. This doesn’t mean a few pins here and there, this means pinning multiple times everyday, somewhere between 10-15 pins per day.

Not got time to pin daily? Nor do I!

I use a Pinterest scheduler, to upload all of my content and line up my pins ahead of time. There are a few Pinterest scheduling tools out there, personally I use TailWind.

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It just takes time

Pinterest is a slow burner. There is no fast track to Pinterest success, I just takes time and consistency to build your Pinterest account. Be patient - it will come!


As I mentioned above, Pinterest works best with good SEO is applied to your pins and your profile. So go back and make sure you’re using good high-ranking keywords.

Not sure what keywords to use? Check out this post where I should you exactly how to find high-ranking keywords for your niche!

Time to refresh

Been on Pinterest for a while? It might be time to give your profile and pins a refresh. Go back and take a look at your keywords, board names, board descriptions and make sure you’re using high-ranking keywords.

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