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As of April 2019, there is over 29 million podcast episodes!

Podcasting is fast becoming one of most powerful methods of delivering content. Brands and businesses all over the world are hitting record and creating their own podcasts, and competition is fierce for listener’s time and subscriptions. Understanding how to make a new podcast stand out and reach the ears of your audience, is a challenge. Promoting a podcast on social media channel is vital to getting your show out there to your audience.

How do you promote a podcast on social media?

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are fantastic platforms for sharing your content, but with ever declining organic reach, Pinterest is proving to be a powerhouse for generating high volumes of organic traffic for businesses and content creators. Pinterest is perfect for promoting your podcast, with over 7 million users world wide, you’d be crazy not to use Pinterest to share your podcast with the world.

The best Pin designs for Pinterest

To capture the attention of your audience on Pinterest, start with a number of pin designs that share your podcast. Use clear text which explains exactly what your podcast is about, keeping in mind that Pinterest users are looking to be inspired and to solve a problem - so your pin designs need to serve that need, spark their interest and get them to click through and listen to your podcast.

Keep text on your pins clear and to the point, here are some examples of high preforming pin designs for promoting a podcast:

How to get more podcast listeners
Promote a podcast with Pinterest marketing
Pinterest marketing tips for podcast

How to promote a podcast on Pinterest?

The key to getting your Pinterest traffic to actually listen to your podcast, is to create a blog post for your podcast. Rather than posting your pins on Pinterset with your podcast URL and hoping for the best, you should first create a blog post for your podcast. Here’s why you should create a blog post for your podcast:

When people search for something on Pinterest and click on a pin, they’re expecting to be taken to a website where they can find the information they’re looking for, or maybe even purchase a product. If your pin takes them to a podcasting service, or opens an app on their phone - they chances are they’re going to click off again - without listening to your podcast.

They’re not expecting to be taken to iTunes, SoundCloud or any other Podcast streaming service

Your pin might get clicks, but most humans when faced with something they’re not expecting - they just click away. So you need to create a seamless experience for users - give them what they are expecting - a blog post summary.

How to create a blog Post summary for a podcast

The key to successfully promoting your podcast on Pinterest is first creating a blog post for your podcast episode.

A podcast summary is an opportunity to introduce the themes and topics that are covered in the podcast episode, aim to tell listeners what they can expect to enjoy, learn or discover by listening to the episode. The job of this summary is to make your audience hungry to find out more, and make listening to your podcast irresistible.

You can also use this as a way to point people towards other content on your website, other podcast episodes and even ask them to sign up to your mailing list.

How to get a podcast noticed on Pinterest

Adding pins to Pinterest to market your podcast on Pinterest should always include a killer pin description using niche specific keywords that rank highly on Pinterest, Finally adding your blog post link, not your podcast link.

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How to market your podcast on Pinterest in 5 simple steps

In summary, 5 steps needed to promote a podcast on Pinterest successfully:

  1. Create eye catching pins designs for your podcast episode

  2. Create a blog post summary of your podcast

  3. Place listen buttons in key positions in the summary blog post

  4. Pin your podcast pins with keywords in the pin description

  5. Use the blog post link on your pin, not the direct podcast link

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