Pinterest is a great place to find new ideas and share your own. It is also a great source of website traffic, and when used correctly it can work wonders for growing your business and growing your online presence. Understanding how Pinterest works is the first step to utilising the power of the pins you’re sharing on the platform.

You may not have heard, but Pinterest is a search engine, not social media. That means it works more like Google or Yahoo search than Instagram or Facebook requires a whole different strategy. Pinterest works on the same basis as other search engines, using an alogrithm to rank content according to a set of factors. Understanding these factors and taking steps to meet them is what’s know as SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation.

Now don’t let the idea of SEO scare you off, in this post I’ll break it down for you and show you exactly how to create pins on Pinterest that get you noticed.

What is SEO for Pinterest?

The main focus for SEO on Pinterest is Keywords. Keywords are words or short phrases that people are likely to search for on Pinterest. By including popular keywords when creating your pins, your pins are going to be pulled to the surface when someone searches for that keyword or phrase. For example, if I’m looking for Pinterest Tips and type that into a Pinterest search, the algorithm is going to search through all the pins and pull out all the ones that have those, or similar keywords in them,

By using the right keywords on in your Pinterest marketing and on your pins is the secret to unlocking amazing traffic growth for your blog or business, but how do you know what keywords to use? 

How to find keywords on Pinterest

  1. The Search Bar


Start by typing some words or phrases related to you would expect your customers/audience to be searching for, it might be useful to think about what you would type if you were looking for your own content on another search engine. For this example I’m going to start typing ‘Pinterest Tips’ into the Pinterest search bar.

As you begin to type, Pinterest will populate drop-down list of terms and phrases that relate to what you’ve typed. This list will show you other popular terms that Pinterest users have frequently searched for. This drop-down list is essentially tell you, these are kinds of things Pinterest users are already searching for, you should consider using them too.

You can see here that Pinterest has suggested additional keywords such as, '...for bloggers' or '...for business'  So these are the keywords I want to make sure to include in my descriptions too.

2. Coloured Boxes 


When you enter a search into Pinterest, you'll also notice that the results page shows you a bunch of coloured tiles beneath the search bar. These are part of Pinterest's Guided Search Tool and essentially exist to help users narrow their search to find exactly what they’re looking for.

They are also a great way to find popular keywords to help you when you’re using Pinterest for Marketing too. These coloured boxes are ranked in popularity from left to right, and can be a great way to add more keywords to your Pinterest descriptions.

For my post about Pinterest tips, I could also use terms like '...and tricks' or '...tutorials' to help my post get seen by a more people. 

Ready to give it a try?

I regularly combine these two methods to identify Pinterest-specific keywords which I can use to build my Pin Descriptions and Board Descriptions, not only do these keywords help my pins get seen by more people, they help me target specific people who I know will love my content.

Next time you’re creating a pin or writing a pin description try out these methods and start seeing how your Pinterest account grows!

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