How to create engaging content that your audience will LOVE

Want to create content that you KNOW your audience will love? There’s one super easy way to use Pinterest to tell you exactly what content you should be creating. And I’m going to show you how!

how to Create content that people love

Today I’m going to share the BIG secret (which isn’t really a secret at all) to creating content your audience will love, using Pinterest.

All you’ll need is a Pinterest Business account. If you’ve already part of the Pinterest for Business gang, keep reading. If you’ve not got a Pinterest Business account, click here to learn how to get your account set up like a pro with my Free guide!


Use your Pinterest Analytics to create viral content

Your Pinterest analytics has a whole heap of useful data and statistics relating to your Pinterest profile, boards and pins. This is a great place to start digging around, to understand what’s really working and what your audience LOVES!

Navigate to Pinterest analytics by clicking in the top left corner Analytics -> Overview

Take a look at the list titled Top Pin Impressions. This handy list shows pins that have been seen by the most people. In other words - these pins are working for you, and your audience love them.

By understanding what existing content your audience likes you can strategically create new content knowing your audience will love it too. Rather than punching in the dark and hoping that your audience will like what you create, you can serve you audience directly by giving them exactly what they like.

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How to make the most of a popular pin on Pinterest

If the top pin is your own Pin, then that’s incredible. You already know what your audience loves! It’s time to leverage this the success of this pin, to grow your Pinterest account even more, and ultimately get more clicks back your website.

Here are a couple of ways you can strategically use a top pin to grow you account:

  1. Re-pin that pin to another board

  2. Re-pin that pin to a Group Board

  3. Re-pin that pin with a new pin description + keywords

  4. Create new pin designs for that piece of content

  5. Create an ad to promote that pin

What if your content isn’t a top pin?

If the top pin on your account isn’t your own pin, don’t worry. You can use this pin to learn more about your audience and let it inspire you to create similar content yourself. Take note of the type of content that pin is representing, the keywords in the description and the pin design. You can take all this valuable information and use it to create you own high ranking content too.

It’s important to note that I’m talking about creating your own content, not just copying. It’s perfectly okay to be be inspired, but never steal content or pins.

How to create engaging content with Pinterest

Using Pinterest Analytics to create engaging content

In summary; 4 Steps to creating engaging content your audience will love with Pinterest Analytics

  1. Access Pinterest Analytics

  2. Take note of your top pins

  3. Create content inspired by these top pins

  4. Create pin designs inspired by these top pins