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I was on a podcast!

When the lovely girls form the Millennial Matters podcast invited me to be their first guest, I jumped at the chance! You see, I’m totally obsessed with podcasts and, I mean obsessed. I am a dedicated daily listener of podcasts, listening while I get ready in the mornings, at the gym, at my desk - any opportunity, I just can’t get enough! So I was totally thrilled to get the chance to be featured on one myself!

In the episode we speak in depth about failure, and our personal experiences with the subject, this comes off the back of a recent blog pos I wrote exploring my entrepreneurial journey so far and the ‘failures’ I’ve faced.

You can read the full blog post here; My business failed & that’s okay!

Laura, Pippa (the lovely hosts of the Millennial Matters podcast) and I, talk about what failure actually means, and it’s not quite what you think.


The truth about failure

Pressures and influence from media, family, friends and social media can make us judge our lives based on their definition of success and failure. You see, this is way off the mark.

The truth is we each get to define what we consider success and what we consider failure. in our lives, and we also get to choose how we handle the feeling of failure if it does come.

We can look at failure as a closed door or we can look at it as a challenge, an opportunity to learn, grow and move forward, rather than back.

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Listen to the full episode

To get the full inside scoop and hear our honest experiences with dealing and learning from failure listen to the full episode here.


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