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I help bloggers and business owners pin their way to success online through Expert Pinterest Management Services as well as sharing all my tips and tricks to DIY your own Pinterest strategy.

think of me as a digital cheerleader

My true passion is to inspire others to follow their dreams, grow in self confidence, and create online businesses that can sustain them and their families long-term.

Along with some amazing Pinterest based content, I share posts about motivation, productivity, entrepreneurship, and tell a little of my own story navigating the world of growing an online business.

I’ve not always worked from home. I’ve kind of done a bit of everything over the years, from serving a large church in London as Head of Social Media, I’ve also worked as an event manager, and spent a short time working for a B2B marketing agency.



Hey there, I’m Claire.

A digital marketer, content creator and

Pinterest Expert who has been pouring her

heart into online blogs since 2010.


I’m a woman with a whole heap of passion,

a strange love for country music (think old-school

Taylor Swift) and an inability to say no to

a smoothie bowl.


I live with my husband, (affectionately known as

Mr D), in Cambridge, England, where we spend our time

strolling along the river and planning our next travel


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