I asked on Instagram if you guys minded if I split my Monaco post into two, and you guys were totally up for it, so here it is! As a quick recap, we recently took a trip to Nice, France for our 2nd wedding anniversary, and while we were there we decided to take a day trip to Monaco. If you missed part one, check that out here
After spending around an hour too long watching the million dollar yachts move in and out of the port, we decided to climb the hill to explore the Prince's Palace. The Palace is the official residence of the current ruling Pince of Monaco and although the walk uphill to the is rather steep, it's totally worth it! 

Just look at that view...

Oh and the beautiful palace too... 

The whole area surrounding the Palace is like it's own little village full of the sweetest pastel coloured townhouses, and little streets with restaurants and coffee shops. I actually loved seeing this part of Monaco. The streets were perfect there, I swear I literally saw a public service worker sweeping the pavement. I'm not kidding it was so clean and so well looked after, it felt a little like the streets at Disney. 

When can I move in?! 

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