Summer is absolutely my favorite season of the year. If I could, I would chase the sun around the globe relentlessly. And perhaps maybe one day soon I will. For me, summer is all about pushing boundaries and squeezing every last drop of life out of each and every day. So here's my Summer bucket list, of all the stuff I want to experience this summer, and maybe it will inspire you too! 

Go fruit picking
Watch the sunrise (and sunset)
Eat dessert for breakfast
Go on a road trip
Dare to wear white jeans out of the house
Hang with Family
Go camping glamping
Get a tan maybe a real one for once
Travel Somewhere new - we're headed to Nice in September YAY! 
Go wild Swimming - check out the blog post
Swim in the ocean 
Pick wildflowers 
Swim in the lido
Learn something new 
Laugh so hard I pee a little 
Make new friends
Get lost in the woods 
Have a bonfire on the beach
Eat chips on the beach 

I've already managed to do a couple of these this summer, and I'm excited to get planning for the rest. What're your plans for the summer, do you have an ultimate summer bucket list? Lemme know in the comments or send me a DM on Insta!  XO