Life is always so busy, crammed with stuff that demands our attention while our passion projects and big goals are often left untouched. Every day can often seem like a race to get things done, only to get to the end of the day - and you still haven't done all the things you needed to do, let alone do the things you wanted to do. Weeks can go by in a flash and you're no further forwards that you were before. 

Here are my top 5 tips for getting things done, and getting more out of your day...

1. Get up earlier - Yeah, not a popular one I know, but it's well documented that successful people tend to be those that rise early. There is a whole heap of reasons why getting up early is beneficial for you, but the most obvious is that - you just have more hours in your day. If you're always working late or stretching for those extra hours at the end of the day, try finding them at the start instead. 

I have started getting up around 5am every day, giving me about 4 hours of extra time each day to get stuff done, fit in some me time and even some exercise too! What's best is that those 4 hours are completely uninterrupted. As most people are still asleep, your phone won't be buzzing, no one will be emailing you either! Sounds like heaven to me!

2. Goals & Planning - Having a to-do list is a great way to stay productive - I 100% advocate having a list or making a plan for the day ahead to help you get things done. But more importantly than having a plan, is having goals. Understanding why you're doing the things you're doing will help motivate you to actually do them. 

Now that you're up earlier in the morning *wink*, you have a little extra time to ensure you know what your goals are, big and small. I like to write out my goals every morning, this sets out my intention not just for the day, but for my life. So as I'm going through the daily to-do list, I'm motivated by the bigger picture and know exactly where I'm headed. 

3. Work Blocks - One method I use to get stuff done and get stuff done fast, is to use work blocks or task blocks. Essentially this is just setting a timer and doing your task within that time frame. For example; I may need to clear my inbox on a Monday morning, I decide I want to complete this in 20 mins. So I set a timer, and get to work completing the task. 

By setting a timer, your mind automatically focuses in on the task at hand meaning you're less likely to get distracted by your phone, or something else going on. You've got a set amount of time, GO! It's kinda fun too, make it a game.

I then repeat this over and over again until all my tasks are done. I find that this saves me literally hours! Hours that I would lose due to procrastination, distraction, and Netflix. Hello, productivity. 

4. Regular Breaks - As well as work blocks for your tasks, you also need to ensure you take regular breaks too. It's pretty easy to just go-go-go when you've got a lot to do, but if you don't take time to stop and breathe, you're going to fall apart. Hello, 3pm crash! 

I recommend timing your breaks too, like the work blocks. This avoids any danger of procrastination or getting distracted. I also recommend ensuring you remember to eat, even if you're buzy! You're not going to get much done if you're running on empty.  

5. Get Enough Sleep - So now you're getting up early, you're gonna want to make sure you're getting all the rest and sleep you need to keep making the most out of your day. You're no good to anyone if you're a walking zombie. This means trying to get to bed at a good time, every night. So no more working until the small hours, or pulling all-nighters. 

Getting things done during the day is always a challenge, these are just some of the things I do to ensure that I'm really making the most out of everything single day. I hope they're of use to you too. I'm always looking for new ways to improve my productivity and workflow, so share your tips and tricks below too! 

Have a great productive day! XO