Last week, I was on a flight and the sky was crystal clear the whole way. I watched as mountains rolled into soft hills, as the coastlines stretched into the distance and the waters glistened in the sunshine. 

I was in awe of the beauty of the earth and our God who created it all, it's so beautiful! I was then reminded of a quote I heard recently, 'If we can look at the world and wonder at the beauty God created, why do we look in the mirror and not do the same?'

You see, the same God who called the mountains to rise up and the oceans to move is the same God who put those freckles on your face. It's the same God who designed the exact colour of your eyes. We are so quick to be critical of yourselves, to speak judgment over our reflection, yet we are each made in His image. 

Next time when you're focusing on your flaws, remember that He designed you with the same care that He used to put every single star in the sky. You're beautiful, you're awesome, you're unique and He designed you, to be you. XO