There are many seasons in life, some are brighter than others. Our time in London was mostly a really bright time and a great season of our story. We got engaged, we got married, I progressed in my career, we laughed and had so many amazing times there. So why would we leave?  The thing is,  I get itchy feet all the time, I like to analyze my situation, good or bad and figure out how to better it and push myself to grow. 

I loved where we lived. Putney is a beautiful part of the city, you should check it out. I enjoyed living by the river, walking in the park and exploring South West London. But it always felt like a chase, a chase to survive, in the hustle and bustle of city life. Rather than making me thrive, it wore me down. My creativity was drained, my motivation had all but disappeared, see my recent blog about why I gave up blogging to hear more about that one. 

Even though we really loved a lot of our lives in London, I came to see that it just wasn't challenging me anymore. I didn't have the room to grow in the way I wanted to. I loved my job and the people that I worked with, but I'd given all I really had to give. 

I needed a change, a fresh start, a place where I could have space to think and uncover my creative heart. So we decided, over a few cocktails, that we would move to Cambridge. The thing with us is that when we make a decision - we act on it fast, so two weeks later, we'd moved out of London.  It's now 6 months later, and I can happily say that this season of life is bright. By moving out of the city, I was able to change my career and become self-employed. I've slowly created new spaces in my life to start projects and eventually starting this blog again. 

Moving to Cambridge has given me so much freedom to align my life with the things I value, to prioritize the things I care about and create my life the way I want it. Not just to survive, but to thrive.  I encourage you to examine your life, are you thriving, or are you just surviving? Maybe you don't need to pick up and move somewhere else like we did, but even the smallest changes can give room for a whole new season to begin. XO