Quiet time is a very personal thing. Not everyone does their time with the Lord the same.  I'm trying to be more open and transparent about my faith. 

Now my quiet times are nowhere near as frequent as I would like, and not always particularly productive.  I could easily sit here and write about an idyllic quiet time, and how I wish you to view my faith life. However, that would be lying. And in an effort to be completely open, this is my honest routine and thoughts on quiet times. 

Life is pretty crazy, most of the time for me. So moments of quiet are few and far between. I really try to make an effort to carve out some space to reflect and hang with Jesus. Ideally, this would be every morning, I find morning quiet times so much more beneficial, as they really align my thinking and purpose for the day ahead. But honestly, any spare time I have, I grab, whatever time of the day it is. Overall I probably actually sit myself down with the Lord a less than desirable 3 times a week. 

Once I've found some space in my day, I like to grab a mug of coffee` or tea to help me chill out and indulge in the moment. After I've got my caffeine, I get myself comfortable, normally in bed, with my Bible and Prayer journal. The Bible I use is a NIV edition. I'll often pop my phone onto flight mode during this time too, as instagram-ing my quiet time always seems more interesting that actually doing my quiet time! #Blessed

I find having a prayer journal so useful, a) it gives me something to do with my hands, either jot down ideas and prayers or sometimes even doodle as I go. b) it makes me accountable. I use this super cute prayer journal from ValMarie Paper. Honestly, it's really improved my prayer life, keeping all my thoughts in one place, and allowing me to look back and see where God has stepped in and moved in my life, answering my prayers and guiding me. 

Ultimately, this time is precious, and I certainly do not spend enough time hanging out with Jesus. When I do make time for it, I really notice a difference in my day, my priorities shift to those of the Kingdom, my thoughts are purpose driven and productive, my heart is soft to those around me and I'm just a happier more pleasant person. XO