Malaga Botanical Gardens

Our recent trip to Spain started with a day exploring the beauty of Malaga's old town, check out my previous post to see more. After lunch, we made our way down to the ocean towards the port and stumbled upon Malaga's botanical gardens. It's called a garden, but it's more like an avenue. Stepping to the tropical setting of this paved strip felt like being somewhere like Thailand, not the Costa Del Sol!

We had a great time exploring the small winding pathways, fountains, and features of this garden. I imagine that it's an easily missed part of Malaga. If you get a chance, I really recommend taking a stroll, even if it's jus to play in the dappled light and take some fun picutres!

Just to add - the necklace you see me wearing in these photos is one of my new favorite pieces. It's a simple gold chain with an engraved pendant, but it's actually a whole lot more than that. Broken Chain Co. is a company I recently found through a friend on Instagram - and I'm totally in love with what they stand for! Each piece of jewellery purchased goes towards helping a child receive 5 years of clean water. How wonderful is that? Clean water is a cause that's been close to my heart for a while, ever since I worked to raise money for water aid back in 2012. If you're looking for a new piece, which is definitely a conversation starter, give Broken Chain Co. a look.  

We then found our way to the beach and took some typical tourist shot with Malaga sign. We had to move quickly as there was a whole heap of tourist groups clambering all over it, anything for the gram. Malaga beach was surprisingly busy for April and actually a really nice spot. You don't always expect the beach right off from a big city to be so nice, but I could definitely imagine coming back here to catch the rays and frolick on the sea too!

Our day in Malaga could have easily become two. With so much to see and so much to do, you could get lost for a week! However, we'd already walked over 21k steps since lunch time and my poor choice of footwear so we decided that mojitos in the afternoon sun were well earned! XO