Exploring Malaga

A few weeks ago we booked a last minute trip to Malaga. We were fed up with the long English winter and needed some sun! It's been a long 18months since we have managed to get away, our last trip being Santorini in 2016. My mother in law used to live just outside of Malaga, so we knew we could just pack our bags and know exactly what to expect. Sun, sea and sangria.

Although I've been to this part of Spain a number of times, it's mainly been to visit family. However, this time we had the chance to explore a little more, so we jumped on the train to explore Malaga's old town. 

Malaga's old town is a maze of old streets and incredible architecture. I spent the whole time with my head up looking at the beautiful balconies and traditional Spanish shuttered windows. Down on the ground the streets are clustered with small resturants, bars and coffee shops with their tables sprawled out on the cobbles in the sunshine. 

Along with the old historic ruins of the ancient city, is a great mix of the new too. With some of the best shopping streets and vendors, it was hard to find yourself with nothing to do. After wondering the warren of little streets and alleys, we'd worked up a bit of an appetite and stopped in a super cute pizzeria for some lunch and a glass of cold white wine.   

If you know me at all, you know that there's little more I like to do than sit in the sun and people watch. Malaga is such a multicultural city, with people from all over the world visiting and living there. I love to watch the older folk wandering around in the sun, sitting on sunny benches and having a good old chat. We must have sat in our little sunspot for an hour or so soaking up the culture (and more wine), finally taking a moment to breathe and enjoying being away from home. 

Malaga old town is much bigger than I thought, and would really make the perfect long weekend spot for anyone who is looking for a new place to explore. There's literally a different place to eat for every day of the year, breakfast, lunch and dinner. And much more to see that is really possible in just a day. 

After lunch, we headed out towards the port, which I'll share in my next post... XO