Wedding gift registry is a great way to ensure that you're getting something you actually want. With all the best intentions in the world, we all have that relative that will turn up with a tea cosy. 

There are so many options out there for a wedding registry, and there are some really great alternatives too. It's actually quite a daunting task to decide where to have your registry, let alone what items to put on it. So I figured I'd do us all favour a put all the best options in one place. Do note, that as I live in the UK, most of these are UK based.

Department Stores.

The most traditional option is to choose a department store for your wedding registry. This is the best option for all round items to fill your new marital home. Anything from a toaster to bed linens, a 50 inch TV to a new whole new kitchen, Department stores have got you covered.

Department store wedding registries are also a great option when you're guests are on a varied budget, you can add a range of items to fit every budget! You can also sneak some real wish list items too, Hello kitchen aid!

Department stores registry is also super easy, you simply register online and go into a store where they give you a scanner to scan away to your hearts' desire as you wander through the store. You can later edit this once reality checks in! Ha! You then simply provide the link to your guests, who can select an item to gift you and mark it as bought. It's all that simple.

Department Store Wedding Gift Registry: John Lewis | Debenhams

Online Stores.

Another take on Department store wedding registry is online shopping.  With much of the same process, the only variance is that it's all online! Simply create a wish list, send out the link and you're done! Perfect for those who are short on time, or those who simply detest shopping - if that's even possible?

Online Wedding Registry: Amazon

Something a bit different.
Other online stores are getting in on the action now too, so forget your generic wedding registry and enter the totally insta-worthy world of wedding registry. Definitely for the bride who already has everything they need, and wanting to make their home a Pinterest home.

Wedding Registry: Etsy | Not on the High Street 

There are some really great all rounder companies out there too, they're well worth a look. These independent companies offer registry with brand partners as a way to combine everything your heart desires into one place!

Collective Wedding gift registries: Prezola | The Gift Collective

The Honeymoon fund.
It's becoming more common for couples to ask for donations towards a honeymoon. As most couples set up home before their big day these days, they really have no need for a new blender. So instead they opt to invite their wedding guests to fund their honeymoon! There are great advantages to doing this, you get your honeymoon paid for, and you don't have to worry about remembering who bought you what! The downside is that some guests may feel obliged to give more than they would have invested in a gift, this option can be a bit restrictive to your guests.

Despite that, I'm sure someone will still be adamant about buying you silverware so win-win?

Honeymoon fund: Honey Fund | Buy Our Honey Moon

The charitable option.
It is becoming more common for the happy couple to favour a charity over a gift registry. Instead of listing all of the items they want, they ask their guests to give donations to their preferred charity. This is a beautiful way to pay it forward and make your wedding day about more than just you. A great way to share your heart and cause with friends and family as well as really making a difference.

Charitable giving: Just Giving

If you want to know more, leave me a comment below and I'd be more than happy to help! 
Whichever option you choose, I hope you have a beautiful wedding!

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