Enhance your Instagram Theme with Makelight Insights

Understanding Instagram and how to manage your profile is the first step to increasing your following and improving engagement. In a recent post, 7 ways to improve your Instagram feed, I listed some awesome ways to increase your impact and engagement on Instagram. I've been really focusing on these, and they're really do work! I've seen an increase of over 50 followers in just a matter of days. I really recommend taking a look. 

This morning I came across another super awesome tool which I just couldn't wait to share with you. Makelight Insights is a free tool which runs a diagnostic test on your Instagram profile. Makelight Insights returns a unique report with some useful insights to your profile. 

The most useful feature of the report for me has to be the theme and colour palette insight.  Themes are always highlighted as an essentail feature to any successful Instagram feed, but what if you can't identify your theme? I've been there. 

Makelight Insights returns a colour palette based on your most recent posts, and shows you exactly what colours you need to focus on to build a theme within your profile. It's no extra work, it's just understand what you've already got, and building upon it. 

How cool is that?

Get your own insight today, visit www.makelight.io/insights/

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